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Loss of Voice
I have had a voice problem. I have lost my voice for 11 years and a doctor diagnosed it as dysphonia, and he had no way to help with it. I went to an acupuncturist and had been treated by him successfully. But, unfortunately he was moved to other city when I got there with the recurrent voice problem. So, I had gone to Dr. Choi and got my voice back. Acupuncture is really miraculous! Although it might be happened again after a certain period of time, I do not worry as long as Dr. Choi is there.
Jane Gonzales, Victorville, CA

Weight Control
My weight had increased and bothered me ever since I gave a birth to my daughter 5 years ago. It was slightly over 190 lbs when I visited Dr. Choi. I desperately wanted my weight back to before-married state, 150 lbs. My dream came true after I went through "Choi's Diet Program" for three months. Now I am so happy without Yo-Yo syndrome. Thank you Dr. Choi!

Dyan, Apple Valley, CA

Sunlight Skin Allergy
My skin was looked like that of lepers since I worked in the farmland for feeding and cultivating plants and vegetables for a long under the sizzling summer sunlight of Apple Valley. I had been through "Detox Program" and given some herbal tinctures that I sprayed on it and drank it at the same time. Now, the skin is turned back to normal and looked even like a rejuvenated baby skin. Amazing Grace!
John Parker, Apple Valley, CA

Difficult Urination
Before I went to travel to Europe, I had to see Dr. Choi because of urination problem I had. The thing was that I could not urinate for five days in a row. I did drink waters and eat foods everyday, but no urination! My son drove me to the acupuncture clinic. After the treatment I came back home and on the night I made it, believe or not, just like horses do. Thus it was wonderful voyage to the continent. I deeply appreciated my doctor's help.
Konghee, Victorville, CA

Malignant melanoma & anxiety
My name is Melanie. I met Dr. Choi and Anna over a year ago shortly after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Besides my poor physical condition, I was suffering significantly from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Thanks to Dr. Choi's abundant knowledge of the body, treatment, advice, and dietary restrictions, I have been able to recover from the ailments that once debilitated my life. Dr. Choi also provided me with relief from ongoing back pain that I have experienced for the last 7 years. Now, I experience a life that I can enjoy every day without pain, depression, anxiety or disease. Dr. Choi and his staff are patient, compassionate, and extremely professional and elite in their field. Dr. Choi gave me my life back and I am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Choi, Anna and staff.
Melanie, Apple Valley

Knee pain
My name is Rick. Fifteen years ago, I broke my knee and femur bone. I have suffered tremendously over the years with limited movement of my knee, popping, and frequent re-injury. Earlier this year, I injured my other knee. I found my life depressing because I no longer was able to walk without assistance from crutches for several months. I was recommended to Dr. Choi who provided various types of treatments on my knees. Since meeting Dr. Choi, I am no longer dependant on crutches, I am able to walk up and down stairs, and run again. Dr. Choi has helped me gain physical strength and mobility again. Thank you Dr. Choi.
Rick, Apple Valley

Allergic Rhinitis for years.
I have been agonized for nasal inflammation for over thirty years. Sneezing, nose running drops like rain drops even while eating, eyes turned red...all these symptoms affected my life day and night as a whole. I could not breath even while sleeping. I had shopped acupuncture doctors and got treatment in combination with herbs. Hardly can say "No effects at all", but Just a little bit of improvement after the waste of a lot money. I was almost frustrated with being treated without much improvement in thinking just of spending money.

I heard about Dr. Choi and he tested the conditions by using the applied kinesiology techniques. I liked him because he spent more time to find out the causes rather than symptoms. I finally found the allergens that might cause the problem. One of them was animal dander. I never told him I have loved riding horses and feeding them for over 40 years. He said my breathing system had been affected by animal dander. Dr. Cnoi decided to cleans the body system with herbs and I went through "Detox program" for 30 days and got treated with acupuncture combined with herbal remedies. After 2 months up to now, my condition is now getting 99% improved. Thank God, and Dr. Choi.

David Hansen, Phelan, CA

Kidney Stone and Low Back Pain
I had a surgery for my low back due to pain from the discs ruptured between L-4 & L-5. I thought it would be fine, but a couple months later, the pain was started and radiated down the leg again. I decided to try another medical treatment, so I could make a chance to meet an acupuncture doctor whose story was in the daily news paper. He controlled the pain of mine successfully with some needles.

Three months later, I had an another problem called kidney stone. One day I felt something like heavy and uncomfortable in the side of waist area. Because I experienced severe pain in my right side of abdomen once before, I went to my doctor and the X-Ray showed two stones of a half of small bean size in the right kidney. I was so embarrassed and afraid. Doctor suggested me that I could live with it or surgery should be done.

I didn't want surgery, so I went to Dr. Choi again and eventually he gave me herbs for the stone problem. I took it for five days because I trusted him. On the third day as I went to bathroom for urination and I sawed the stone were passed out in the toilet. I picked it up and showed it to Dr. Choi. I was so delightful, and rushed to medical doctor to confirm if the stones disappeared. X-ray showed no stones there!

Kay Lumber, Apple Valley, CA CA

Food Allergy
I love to eat dairy products like cheese, eggs and yogurt. I don't know since when I was not able to take them without abdominal discomfort and loose stool or diarrhea as soon as I got these foods.

My friend lived next door recommended me to see Dr. Choi. He tested me and found some allergic substances in my body and suggested "Liver cleansing". After one day program, I felt more energy and could take and digest dairy foods better than before. And, surprisingly I could be able to enjoy the dairy foods.

Janney Hawkins, Apple Valley, CA

Pain in my Toe #3, 4, 5
I wonder why my toes # 3, 4, 5 both side were so painful. May be it was because of my narrow shoes I wore since my young age. I switched the shoes to wider ones, but the pain was still there. Advertisement on the daily paper brought me to Dr. Choi and he treated me with acupuncture needles. The pains obviously gone after the first treatment. Amazing and he is wonderful. He said as a treatment strategy he just made the blood circulation better in the painful area where the thick bloods were accumulated.
Lisa, Los Angeles, CA

Ankle Sprain with Severe Pain
I was fell down from my bad as I tried to get up one morning. The ankle was swollen and caused pain. Ankle seemed to be sprained. I couldn't walk as I usually did. I hurried to come to his clinic, and O, my gosh! only one treatment stopped the severe pain and I could walk properly. I thought I should bring my wife who has had low back sprain and severe pain due to an accident from gardening.
Juan, Apple Valley, CA

Sprain in the Low Back
I had a low back pain since I had carried heavy stuffs in the back yard and heard a crack sound in my back. Severe pains were involved. I rushed out to Emergency Room and the doctor prescribed some medicine and recommended physical therapy. The therapy helped me, but the pain was not completely gone. The back problem seemed to be turned chronic. My husband referred me Dr. Choi. He treated me for a couple months and I was freed from the pain.
Michiko, Apple Valley, CA

Stiffness and Pain in my Neck
I am an analyst in a college. I had a stiff neck because of my computer job that made me sticked to it all day through out the whole year. I decided to have acupuncture treatment that I had never try in my life time. Oh my gosh, the problem was cleared after two visits. Thank you, Dr. Choi!
Susan, Riverside, CA

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Rigid Back Spine
I must use clutches because I couldn't walk as people do. I have two problems; First, rigid back spine that causes pain and makes me unable to sleep on my back. I couldn't bend over my back or lie down on my back, on my side and on my stomach. I must sleep in sitting position all night because of pain. Second, Irritable bowel syndrome that brought me a lot of pain in my left side of abdomen.

I have been treated by my family doctor for many years, but the condition has not improved as much as I expected. My doctor referred me to Dr. Choi and he has treated me for 3 months so far, and now my condition has been so much improved. I can lie down on my stomach, the abdominal pain is reduced a lot. Hopely, I wish I am completely free from the pain soon.

Dan Jackson, Apple Valley, CA

Sciatic Nerve & Low Back Pain
My doctor recommended hernial disc surgery in my back because, as he said, the nerves in L-3, 4, 5 area were pinched. So, I have low back pain radiating down to the end of toes both side causing numbness and tingling. I was afraid of operation in my back. Fortunately, I had a chance to see Dr. Choi. After some questions and answers were exchanged, he started to treat me. In a month or so, tingling and numbness have gone, but the pain in the seat area is still remained specially when overworked. I believe that my conditions get better sooner or later.
Honu Martinez, Hesperia, CA

Migraine Headache
One day I was almost dying for migraine headache with no energy at all and cold sweat, which made me crazy. My health condition downed to bottom line. I couldn't drive because of the pain. So, I called and asked if the doctor could come and visit me home after work. He promised me to come. Dr. and Mrs Choi came to see me and asked some questions before he started treatment. He used some acupuncture needles on my head, and finally the pain was so much relieved. After two days, I visited his clinic, and another special treatment was done. Thank God! Pain was disappeared!
Tiffany Kim, Victorville, CA

Headache & Neck Pain
I am retired 72 years old man. I think I have been very healthy with no physical problems so far except headache and neck pain that comes and goes with no particular reasons. The quality of pain can be described as being sometimes severe and sometimes mild. My daughter-in-law suggested me trying acupuncture and I listened to her. I visited Dr. Choi's several times and amazingly the pains seemed to be gone forever.
Steve Mac, Victorville, CA

One day I had a dinner with the church members in the garden. As soon as done with it, I tried to drink a cup of water. But I didn't felt like I could drink it as I usually did. And, I got saliva running down my chin, and then I suddenly realized that one side of my body became numb and rigid.

My wife hurried and took me to the hospital, and I stayed there for three days. The condition was not improved as we expected. I was not able to walk, so some of my friends took me to an Acupuncture Clinic. After the treatment I could walk out of the clinic by myself, and at that night my bowels started to move and I got a full of poo in toilet, which made my whole muscle relaxed and made me so comfortable. I deeply appreciated what Dr. Choi had done for me.

Youngil Song, Victorville, CA

Depression & Skin Problem
I got diagnosed with skin problem which made me so badly sad and depressed. Thinking of my poor family, my eyes bursted into tears. Medical doctor strongly suggested surgery, but I was afraid of it because I guessed that would have 50/50 chance.

I decided to have second opinion from a doctor who practices natural way of treatment. Acupuncture helped the emotional depression a lot. I am now more positive than before, and my skin problems seem to be improved, I believe, because of my changing attitude about life. I deeply appreciate Dr. Choi's time and efforts.

Sherley, Apple Valley, CA
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