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Swollen Leg
My leg was swollen for about a year and a half. The pain was terrible and I could not sleep at night. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Choi. I visited him and received acupuncture treatment. After two weeks my leg was back to normal! I am very grateful and would recommend Dr. Choi to anyone.
Jeannie, Apple Valley, CA

Low Back Pain & Parkinson's disease
I am 74 years old. I had tremendous pain in my shoulder and low back for a long time since I got an accident from mountain hiking. Acupuncture gave me the relief I needed. And also, I had my arms shaking due to Parkinson disease, and the acupuncture helped it reduced. I experienced a drastic improvement on it. Dr. Choi is a miracle man!

Herold, Apple Valley, CA

I have been a rhinitis sufferer for a considerable time and had never been able to find a long term cure. After consultation with Dr. Choi, I underwent a series of 9 treatments over a 3 week period, I am delighted that I no longer have a rhinitis condition. Treatment was a combination of herbal medication and acupuncture.
Danial, Torrance, CA

Low Back Pain
One day I had a terrible sudden low back pain right after I rearranged the position of furniture in the living room. I could not stand straight or stretch my low back, and even walk freely. My friend strongly recommend to see an acupuncturist. I dragged my legs with my hands on my low back on the way to the clinic. After a couple needle shots I was told to stand, stretch and walk. Amazing! My pain was gone as it was a fake! Miracle!
Sophia, Victorville, CA

Low Back Pain
I had back pain since I immigrated to the States in 2008. I could not sleep on my back and could not even breathe deeply. My friend told me that Dr. Choi had very special acupuncture technique, so I went to see him. Only one time treatment of him made me new person!
Jongsoo Lee, Apple Valley, CA

Neck & Shoulder Pain
I am 69 years old. My shoulder and neck pain had threatened my normal daily life for over 15 years since I got an traffic accident. Because of the pain my sleep had been severely disturbed every night and my tears had never stopped. My doctor gave me just a pain killer and the conditions without improvement were continued.

One day my second daughter brought me herbal formula prescribed by Dr. Choi. I took it as direction said; take it six times a day, and drink water a lot without taking any other kinds of medicine. I spent a terrible night because of too strong reaction of the herbs. But next day from noon time I was free from the 15 years old pain. How could this things be happened! It sounded like a fake story, but it was real!

Jennifer's Mother, South Korea

Shoulder Pain
As a musical actor I had to hold my female partner by my arms and draw her on the air and catch her back repeatedly during the exercise and in the show. My arms were always under the heavy stress. Acupuncture helped me out a lot and I enjoyed it. He is a Magic man!(Thumbs up!)
Crippa, Musical Chorus member, Hollywood, CA

Shoulder Pain
I had a sharp pain on my left shoulder after I stretched my arm to hold up heavy item. The medical doctor said I had a tendonitis (Inflammation of tendon). And I went to take acupuncture treatment. A couple of shots of acupuncture needles made the pain reduced and ultimately disappeared.
Laymann, Hesperia, CA

Prostate Problem
My husband, 68 years old, had a inflammation on prostate(Dr. called it prostatitis) for years. He said the urination was always uncomfortable with no complete stop. We ordered the herbal substances Dr. Choi prescribed, as he said, according to the Oriental Medicinal theory. My husband was told that he should the herbs twice a month for three months. He felt great even after taking it one day dosage(6 packs). The urination and the strength of the area seemed to be back to normal now.
Jong Park, Daejun, S.Korea
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