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Acupuncture has been used for thousand years. Acupuncture started in Asia, but it is now practiced all over the countries like USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Spain, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and so on.

Acupuncture is done by inserting very fine, sterilized needle into special points in the meridians which is spread out all over the body like a spider web. If a certain point of the meridians is blocked by any reason like stress or accident, there must be energy blocked and pain caused in the area. The acupuncture needle opens up the congested meridian in order for the energy to flow freely to relieve the pain as if Highway Patrol patrols the traffics.

To make it more understandable, many scientific studies have shown that inserting needles at these points of meridians may stimulate the nerve system to release natural body chemicals that reduce pain and help recover health. Whether pain is acute or chronic and located in the shoulder, lower back, knee, elbow or anywhere else in the body, acupuncture can provide relief.

Dr. Abraham Choi, a professor and an author, is known as one of the best doctors in the society of acupuncture and oriental medicine, and he is called by his patients and even his peers the “Miracle Man with the Magic Touch.” He has been actually chosen one of the “Top 50 Doctors” in South Korea. Most of his patients feel amazingly great right after treatment.

 Screening Test

Dr. Choi concerns more about the causes of the disease than the symptoms. He proclaims that when the cause is eliminated, the symptom would be removed naturally. For that reason, he has researched for many years on various kinds of parasites, chemical solvents and heavy metals that affect the human body as underlying causal factors. And his own special screening tests by using the patient’s muscle enable him to find these environmental toxic pollutants in the body.

Accordingly, detoxification has become his special therapeutic program. He starts the treatment with the program if the patient has the toxic substances. And also, the test can help him determine which internal organs of the patient are weak in energies, and what kinds of vitamins or minerals are deficient in him and so on. Based on the information from the test, Dr. Choi offers the most effective treatment solutions including acupuncture, nutritional supplements or natural herbal tea.

 Constitutional medicine

Dr. Choi has also practiced for many years the constitutional medicine that divides human into four types. Each type has its own unique character that is basically inherited from parents, which means that every individual is born with strong and weak organs. Making these organs balanced with foods or remedies that may match to each constitution is the key to help the body restore its own energy. He is known as one of the best experts in this area.

To sum up, he can help people with any kind of pain and sciatica, allergy, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, smoking, paralysis, fatigue, bells’ palsy, snoring, headache, skin problem, obesity, infertility, hormone imbalance, constipation, insomnia and many other organ related problems.

Here are some testimonials and you can see more in the website. Testimonials

 Testimonials 1

My name is Melanie. I met Dr. Choi and Anna over a year ago shortly after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Besides my poor physical condition, I was suffering significantly from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Thanks to Dr. Choi's abundant knowledge of the body, treatment, advice, and dietary restrictions, I have been able to recover from the ailments that once debilitated my life. Dr. Choi also provided me with relief from ongoing back pain that I have experienced for the last 7 years. Now, I experience a life that I can enjoy every day without pain, depression, anxiety or disease. Dr. Choi and his staff are patient, compassionate, and extremely professional and elite in their field. Dr. Choi gave me my life back and I am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Choi, Anna and staff. (Melanie, Apple Valley)

 Testimonials 2

My name is Rick. Fifteen years ago, I broke my knee and femur bone. I have suffered tremendously over the years with limited movement of my knee, popping, and frequent re-injury. Earlier this year, I injured my other knee. I found my life depressing because I no longer was able to walk without assistance from crutches for several months. I was recommended to Dr. Choi who provided various types of treatments on my knees. Since meeting Dr. Choi, I am no longer dependant on crutches, I am able to walk up and down stairs, and run again. Dr. Choi has helped me gain physical strength and mobility again. Thank you Dr. Choi.(Rick, Apple Valley)

You can see more in the website. Testimonials

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